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                Green Justice
                Civil Liberty and Fisl Responsibility


                Ukrainian POWs killed in suspicious attack

                Residential Schools Misrepresented

                Two charged in Malik murder

                Tamara Lich granted bail

                Roman Barber speaks in Surrey

                False Flags and Orchestrated Events

                Leslyn Lewis on the World Economic Forum

                Alberta Court rules in favour of Pastor Artur Pawlowski

                The Jericho 941F: Buying handguns before the freeze

                Crown prosecutor of Tamara Lich donated to Liberals

                Falun Gong ndlelight vigil in Vancouver

                Independent Journalist arrested in Alberta

                Dutch Farmers Protest Nitrogen Cuts

                Cricket plant coming to London

                Saanich bank robery suspects

                Net Zero 2050: I'm out

                Overview: GunDebate.

                The Opium Wars have begun

                Taliban bans opium in Afganistan

                Battle in Ukraine: Zelenskiy vows to retake territory

                Justin Trudeau reduces sentences for serious gun crimes

                Trudeau decriminalizes possession of hard drugs in BC

                Justin Trudeau announces national handgun freeze

                Victims’ families boycotting NS mass shooting inquiry

                Answers from Edmonton on crime and drugs

                Debi Johnstone stalks Doug Mcllum

                Bill Gates, baby formula and the bird flu

                BC puts healthre at risk: Hire back our Heroes

                BC releases proposed plan for decolonized police force

                Sinn Fein win most seats in historic election

                Bikers, Drug Dealers and Stamp Collectors

                Rolling Thunder in Ottawa Livestream

                Holoust deniers and Flat Earthers

                Chris Sky and Jack Murphy

                Falun Gong Rally in Vancouver

                How Ron Fouchier Created A Mutant H5N1 Virus

                US Judge ncels Mask Mandate On Planes And Trains

                nada joins lls to remove China from UN Human Rights Council

                Los Angeles firefighters join Defeat the Mandates rally

                Veterans4freedom march in Ottawa

                Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally in Ottawa

                Metro Vancouver Housing Market is out of control

                BC sees a decrease in hospital patients with Covid

                John Horgan ught orchestrating Omicron False Flag

                How Ukraine Crisis is Making the Saudi Royal Family Richer

                Bioweapons Research At Pentagon Biolabs In Ukraine

                James Topp speaks at lgary Freedom Rally

                Trudeau obsessed with censoring Internet

                Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver

                Dr Byram Bridle: Do masks work?

                The Pursuit of Peace in a troubled world

                Hunter Biden Bio Firm in the Ukraine funded by DoD

                2021 - 2022 Epidemic of heart issues in athletes

                Freedom Film 2022 - Faith, Hope and Charity

                Volodymyr Zelensky bans opposition

                Chris Sky is sowing seeds of dissension

                German MEP confronts Justin Trudeau's hypocrisy

                Croatian MEP denounces Justin Trudeau at the EU

                Klaus Schwab: The pitalist Manifesto

                Google censorship continues

                More disturbing images from Hunter Biden's laptop

                Conservative leadership ndidates reveal their character

                Tamara Lich Welcomed home from prison as a hero

                The conflict in the Ukraine could easily end today

                Anita Krishna covers Media is the Virus Rally

                Another Mainstream Media reporter resigns

                Mitt Romney is a Dirty POS

                John Horgan is an A*shole

                Huawei and the CCP

                #FreeBC: Lest we forget

                Leslyn Lewis sets the pace for the race

                Strangling nadian oil and gas is a bad idea

                The Second Biggest Fraud in Recorded History

                Robert Malone and Brian Peckford on Ukraine Bio labs

                UK Media and Finnish MEP condemn Justin Trudeau's hypocrisy

                Jean Charest set to run for Conservative Party leadership

                Regulatory and Appeals Commission drops price of gas

                Slandering and demonising of the nadian truckers

                pitalism and Greed

                Finding light in the darkness

                The future of ownership in nada

                Documented US biolabs in the Ukraine

                Nord Stream 2 Pipeline and Saudi Arabia

                Court ordered release of Pfizer documents

                Skyrocketing gas prices and the oil monopoly

                Ukrainian Nationalists want Russian citizens out

                Switzerland freezes Russia's bank acounts

                Omicron did a better job than the Vaccines

                Ukraine Update: Hunter Biden and Metabiota

                Update on the Ukraine - the Coal War has now begun

                Jordan B Peterson interviews Rex Murphy

                Justin Trudeau is not a military leader

                Stephen Harper is a bad man

                Freezing civilians bank accounts

                Justin Trudeau is a misogynistic bully

                Hells Angels support of the Freedom Convoy

                Tamara Lich denied bail by Liberal ndidate

                Honk Honk means Let's go Brandon not Heil Hitler

                Protest outside Jagmeet Singh's constituency office

                More r convoys: Oliver and Osoyoos - Free BC

                Broken Trust in Law Enforcement

                Processing the Rage - UN NWO

                True patriot love

                The Rocket's Red Glare

                Blockades falling on deaf ears

                Ottawa Police bully peaceful protesters

                CBC is still lying about the Freedom Convoy

                Chris Barber is Justin Trudeau's first politil prisoner

                Truck Border Crossing shut down in Coverdale


                The Sikh Freedom Alliance in support of the Truckers

                Veterans take down war memorial fence in Ottawa

                Saskatchewan and Alberta lift Covid Restrictions

                Second Liberal MP breaks with Justin Trudeau

                The Empty Gas n Protest has now Begun

                lgary Police Officer speaks out off duty

                Justin Trudeau desecrates war memorial

                Donating to the Truckers through Give Send Go

                The Media's misrepresentation of the Truckers Convoy

                Truckers Go fund Me sh hijacked by Justin Trudeau

                The Last Straw for nadians and for Truckers

                Justin Trudeau: Man of Hate, Man of Lies

                Time to regroup and Circle the Wagons

                Jagmeet Singh's Staged Event

                Jagmeet Singh's Offensive Lie

                Freedom Convoy 2022: Game Day

                Words of Wisdom from the Wheelburner

                Green Justice supports Constable Erin Howard

                T'was the night before the Convoy arrived in Ottawa

                Fake Environmentalists want to bring nuclear power to BC

                Moammar Gadhafi on Vaccines and the Fish Flu

                Foreign Affairs with ndace and Poso

                Fake News attacks truckers convoy

                England ends all Covid restrictions

                Doctors on Tour in Langley BC

                Vancouver Freedom Rally

                Omicron is the vaccine

                Another Weaker Variant

                The FDA doesn't test vaccines

                Side effects of the Covid vaccines

                Booster shot facial recognition tattoos

                Retiring RCMP officer pens his Covid resignation

                Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson on children's vaccination

                Ontario and Quebec Omicron Hospitalization Rates

                Fox News North and falsified hospitalization rates

                Justin Trudeau punishes the fully vaccinated

                The Magnitude of Organized Crime

                New False Flag in Colombia and the False Positives

                Tara Henley's resignation on Fake News Friday

                nadian Lawyers speak out on Cvil Liberty

                Clinton Jaws on Omicron overreach

                The Testimony of Yeonmi Park

                Uncovering the Omicron Conspiracy

                Omicron Crime: Seeing the bigger picture

                Oregon bans edution and common sense

                The pandemic will never end if they get their way

                 Drug addiction is a disease that requires treatment

                BC NDP's Flood response and Covid response

                The Omicron Con - Decepticons at work

                RCMP Misconduct: What we do in life

                Doug Mcllum is still under attack

                meron Ortis was set up

                Melissa Tate's Twitter Ban

                The murder of Jasmine Thiara

                The Comedy of Errors Continues

                Surrey Sleazebags hire Bill Tieleman

                Dr Mary Bowden speaks on ivermectin

                Corporal Bulford speaks on Emergency Act

                Toronto cop stole drugs from evidence locker

                Blaire White addresses the normalization of Pedophilia

                227 B.C. chiropractors threaten to sue regulatory college

                Communism vs fascism? Chile's misrepresented election

                The Great Smog of 1952 and the Fake Environmentalists

                MP Rick Nicholls speaks on Pharmaceutil accountability

                US Court blocks Biden's vaccine mandate for Health re Workers

                The Tiger Dam in Abbotsford went across the 401 freeway

                Darrell Tingley's letter in the Marxist Leninist Weekly

                Confronting the Lies about Variants

                Bill Gates and Overpopulation

                Free North Declaration

                Normalization of Pedophilia

                Why Communism doesn't work

                Conrad Black has been replaced

                Sumas Lake and the Nooksack River

                Climate Change: Alarmists and Deniers

                Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted of all charges

                Rodger Kotanko's Family Press Conference

                Dealing with BC's State of Emergency

                Erin O'Toole has lost his mind

                Kyle Rittenhouse is a Hero

                The Unvaccinated Soldier

                Heroes No Longer Episode 1 & 2

                Health re workers and East Berlin

                New Zealand Haka against Vaccine Mandates

                US court maintains block on Biden vaccine mandate

                Federal Court Freezes Biden's Vaccine Mandate - Lets go Brandon

                Ontario Lays Out Timeline For Lifting Restrictions

                The Covid re Alliance on Unvaccinated Risk

                The Vertil line: Freedom's Ascent

                Justin Trudeau's crazy talk at COP26

                January 6th - The Great Deception

                A Report on Myorditis Adverse Events in VAERS

                Another falsified Covid death in nada

                Covid Corner: Spotlight on Covid Fraud

                Archives: Doug Mcllum elected mayor of Surrey

                Andrew Sheer got more votes that Justin Trudeau

                Erin O'Toole got more votes than Justin Trudeau

                Leslyn Lewis got more votes than Erin O'Toole

                Conservatives were elected in Nova Scotia

                Republin elected as Virginia's Governor

                Winsome Sears is Virginia's LT Governor

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                Diversity makes us Strong